Square Enix embraces Japanese XBLA

Crystal Defenders, Yosumin and more coming.

According to 1UP, Square Enix has begun an assault on Xbox Live Arcade in Japan, promising a "steady stream" of ports and original content for the download service.

First up was a conversion of mobile phone strategy game Crystal Defenders, also due for WiiWare and PSN. More interesting to keen-eyed western importers will be an XBLA version of Squenix's cult DS puzzle game, Yosumin, due this spring.

Yosumin is a simple tile-based game in which matching two tiles of the same colour in a diagonal line turns all the tiles between them the same colour. The Live Arcade version is said to feature a competitive multiplayer mode as well.

Translating from the Japanese, 1UP said the press release from Square Enix included the following line: "Beginning with these two games, Square Enix plans to release a steady stream of its popular titles - as well as original content - on Xbox Live Arcade."

There are no plans to bring these games to the western XBLA services yet, but we think it'll be worth keeping an eye open nonetheless.

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