Spielberg revealed as Crysis fan

He's a huge gamer, apparently.

Steven Spielberg is a huge fan of games including recently released titles such as Crysis, according to Boom Blox producer Amir Rahimi.

Speaking to fact-eating news-excreting machine Rahimi said, "I was actually pretty surprised to find out how much of a gamer Steven Spielberg is. He - regularly, when we meet with him - makes references to games that a lot of us game developers haven't played or haven't played in years. But also recent games, like Crysis, he talks a lot about."

As announced yesterday, the first game EA has produced in co-operation with Spielberg - Boom Blox - is being released in Europe on May 9th.

The project is more than just a PR stunt, according to Rahimi. "He came up with the original concept, but he also - when he wasn't off shooting Indiana Jones or doing other big projects out of town - I'd say he was in the office on average every week."

There are currently two other games, both based on new IP, currently in production. "They're working on another one code-named 'LMNO' that, I think, is what most people would expect out of a partnership with Spielberg - the epic storyline, the action/adventure game," Rahimi stated.

So does the director have any plans to get involved with games based on his popular motion pictures? "He's a huge gamer and he's really interested in making games," reaffirmed Rahimi. "But he hasn't talked to me personally about anything like that, so I don't know his plans."

If Steven Spielberg regularly read news-focused business-to-business websites for the videogame industry, he'd probably visit all the livelong day.

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