Special events planned for WAR birthday

XP bonus, new dungeon, unique items etc.

Big plans are in the works for the one-year anniversary of MMORPG Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.

A new live event, the Wild Hunt, will kick off in Europe on 1st September and last until the 10th. The forces of Order and Destruction will get to battle it out in new instanced dungeon, the Hunter's Vale.

Then there will be weekend-only events such as special versions of the Mourkain Temple (September 11th - 14th), Gates of Ekrund (18th - 21st) and Temple of Isha (25th - 28th).

Throughout the month there will be a 20 per cent Experience and Renown bonus for all players. Exclusive anniversary items such as Halfling Pies and the Jubilee Cloak will be delivered to everyone via in-game mail.

Enemies defeated in RvR combat will drop fireworks, exploding stout and other limited edition items. On top of all that dedicated players will receive a veteran's reward, the WAR Aegis, and the title Weapon of WAR.

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