Sony US slags off rival consoles

Says 360 "puts a burden on the wallet".

Sony Computer Entertainment America has attempted to spill the pints of Microsoft and Nintendo with a new press release comparing consoles.

The release begins by declaring that PS3 offers "the most features and functionality out of the box", with "no immediate need to upgrade anything" as stuff like Blu-ray and Wi-Fi comes as standard.

"The Xbox 360 and Wii offer a set of features in their own right," the statement generously concedes. "However, when you take a look at the feature offerings side by side, there is only one true winner in delivering total value and price."

No, not the Gizmondo, and not Microsoft's big grey box. "The Xbox 360 requires additional money, multiple upgrades and additional external devices, putting a burden on the wallet, and adds clutter to the entertainment centre," according to SCEA.

But what about Nintendo's little white box? "The Wii's lack of enhanced features comes at the expense of a comprehensive entertainment solution," don't you know.

So what's the answer? You'll never believe it, but SCEA reckons, "The PS3 is the perfect example of a product featuring superior technology and a sophisticated design creating an ideal all-in-one entertainment product."

Finally: "As PS3 continues to evolve without the need for additional parts or expenses, expect the competition to continue peddling add-ons in an effort to keep up with the Jones'." And, presumably, expect the competition to continue making enough money from those add-ons to buy toilet roll made from the silk of worms fed on liquid gold and unicorn meat.

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