Sony unveils Buzz! World Championships

Hunt for a UK champion begins.

Sony is hunting for the UK's cleverest Buzz! player to represent the nation in a real-world quiz showdown.

Hopefuls will need to upload their best solo Buzz! Brain of the UK score to a National Leaderboard to enter. The competition opens on 22nd April and closes on 22nd May.

When finished, the top 32 players will tackle each other in a national final, before one victorious UK champion emerges.

That champion then faces international champions at a real-world quiz showdown at a top-secret location later this year. Star prize will be a Mini Clubman car.

Buzz! Brain of the UK - released late last month - offers 4000 localised questions about the Queen and kilts and shamrocks and something Welsh. It offers little else, and costs GBP 20 without wireless pads.

Look out for our thoughts on Buzz! Brain of the UK later this week.

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