Sonic RPG to feature Big the Cat

You might even like him, apparently.

BioWare has confirmed some old friends will be making a comeback in DS RPG Sonic Chronicles - whether you like it or not.

"I think maybe the challenge there, if people are not as excited about having the friends, is making them worthwhile, making them a good part of the game," studio manager Greg Zeschuk told MTV.

"They're not going to be gimmicky. They're not going to be side things. It is actually a core part of the gameplay mechanic. It's actually, we think, going to revitalise the love of the Sonic friends, especially Big the Cat."

According to co-founder Ray Muzyka, it's all about choice - as with all BioWare games. "The choice is moment to moment; it's in the story, it's within your exploration. It's also within your choice of companion characters and sidekicks. You're going to have a different experience in BioWare games depending on who you bring with you."

So what about the fact many people hate all of Sonic's stupid friends, especially that moronic mutant fox? "One of the things we're trying to do is make people feel something, an emotional attachment. And it could be dislike. Dislike is an emotion," Muzyka said.

"If you provoke that kind of emotion and you're trying to provoke that, it's a good thing. Provided you allow players to enjoy the experience throughout. Hopefully they like some characters. Hopefully they dislike some characters. And if we can bring that and maximise that, it'll be really fun."

Great. Sonic Chronicles is out later this year.

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