Soldier Of Fortune: Payback Reader Review

Soldier Of Fortune: Payback.

How can you start a review about a such horrible game?

How I heard about this game?

The first time I heard about this game was in a PC Games magazine. I read that there's going to be lots of blood and very realistic damage engine. The game screenshots looked very promising. The graphics looked great and so... But that's where it ends. Yes. You understood me right. The only good thing about this game is the graphics.

First feelings/impression

First thing I noticed about the game is that there's no settings. I mean only very basic ones , like "invert mouse" , "mouse sensitivity" , "volume" and such basic stuff. No , there wasn't any video option beside resolution. Maybe it automaticly detects your PC , and then changed the options so , that it won't lag? Whatever. At least the game supported widescreen format.

You can customise the weapons before starting playing!

Well , after I changed the "huge number of options" , I choose "new game". In the start , I could choose weapons , which looked pretty cool , 'cos you can even customise those weapons.

First level , first bug.

Ok , I choose my weapons and pressed start. The first 2 seconds was felt nice , because of the graphics... But the 3rd second was already bad. No idea how , but someone was shooting me , and you couldn't even hear that you're being shoot at , but you still getting damage. I looked around me , and hid behind a car. Still , somehow they were still hitting me... So I looked what the heck is shooting me. I saw 2 gun barrels and basicly shot at it like 50 rounds. Well , I thought I killed them , so I started going forward.. And guess what! I was WRONG! One of the guys was still alive , behind a wall , and I understood they were shooting through the wall.. I was like laughing hard how lame is that. Anyway , I continued up the stairs , where my teammate was shooting people... I helped him until he ordered me to advance , of course I listened to him.

I thought I putted sound on maximum volume... Huh

That was the first bug that you can see in the game after like 3 seconds , which is kind'a scary. But that's not the worst bug ... It's nothing compared to a bug , you can you hear that you're being shot at! Yes , if the enemy is too far , he can shoot with a machine gun , with AK 47 , with whatever gun they have , you still won't hear it , you have to be like 1 meter from the gun to actually hear that's he's shooting SOMETHING.

Woot! Flying legs!

About the "damage engine"... I read , that it's supposed to be realistic and so... but it's... NOT. In the game , if you shoot an enemy into the leg , the leg will fly away. Yea right , for this to happen you need like a 50 cal sniper rifle to do it in real life. How the heck a normal ak47 can do it? And from one bullet?


Boss fights are stupid. I mean , they look like normal people , but you can shoot at them like 10 grenades , they still won't die. And some why , you can't shoot their legs or arms , etc.


So what can I say about the game? It's full of bugs , it's stupid. While playing it , I just started laughing because of the lames bugs and impossible things , that would never happen in reality. I'd give this game a 2 out of 10 , but the graphics are very nice , and quite good optimised , so it's gets a 4 out of 10.

4 / 10

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