Softmax doing Magna Carta 2 for 360

First game's Euro publisher not involved.

Korean developer Softmax has said it is currently developing Magna Carta 2 for Xbox 360 following the worldwide success of the PS2 title known as Tears of Blood.

Nothing is known about Magna Carta 2, although we assume it's another role-playing game. Softmax also said it's developing two other DS games for the Korean market.

The original Magna Carta was subtitled Crimson Stigmata in its home country, but appeared in the US and Europe as Tears of Blood. Softmax yesterday said it sold over 500,000 copies worldwide.

US publisher Atlus brought the original to the west (along with other excellent RPGs, including the Shin Megami Tensei titles), and they sometimes filter through to Europe.

However, Tears of Blood's European publisher, 505 Games, told Eurogamer this morning that it currently has no involvement whatsoever on Magna Carta 2.

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