Slow start for official PS3 launch

Bigger crowd expected today.

The flagship Virgin Megastore on Oxford Street welcomed the first customers keen to buy a PS3 at noon yesterday, with five people in the queue by the time the doors shut at 10pm.

At the front of the line was 17 year-old Ritatsu Thomas, who had turned up outside the store at 5am. He told, "I went to the Wii launch and I got there quite late. I didn't get my Wii that day, and I was quite disappointed. This was my chance to do it right.

"I didn't come as early as the Wii launch people came because I knew PS3 isn't that hyped - that's why there are only three people here to buy PS3s. Still, as long as I'm number one."

Head over to for more line-dancing.

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