Siren: Blood Curse to get Blu-ray release

All dozen episodes on a disc this autumn.

Sony has decided to bundle all 12 episodes of Siren: Blood Curse onto Blu-ray disc for release this autumn.

The game's already up for grabs from the PlayStation Store, of course, but it's rather a meaty download and there will be bonus bits and bobs to make the boxed copy more alluring.

We're waiting for Sony to answer our cost-related questions. The PSN release costs GBP 20 for all 12 episodes.

Which made Siren: Blood Curse an enticing deal, one we enjoyed about as much as a zombie relishes brains in a bap.

Blood Curse takes place in a spooky Japanese seaside village. Nosey American reporters decide to check the place out and soon find themselves up to their lenses in an ancient curse which turns the inhabitants into zombies.

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