SingStar wireless mics "next year"

With USB receiver, 2xAA batteries each.

Sony has said that the long-awaited SingStar wireless microphones will be released "next year" in a post on its SingStar MySpace page.

In a competition posted to the site about a month ago, but picked up on by amazingly observant super-hacks like us this week (sorry), Sony offered 100 trial packs to devoted SingStar followers.

These included two wireless microphones, one USB receiver, a mini-B USB cable, and four AA batteries. So presumably each microphone takes two.

The post says "the official SingStar wireless microphones will work on both PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3", although if you dig down into the terms and conditions of the (now closed) competition, you're asked to specify which console you have. This is presumably just for Sony's records, but it might hint at different versions.

Either way, Sony wasn't able to give us any more information on the microphones this morning, but we imagine we'll see them as soon as possible, especially given the launch of Microsoft's Lips - with wireless microphones - this time last month.

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