SingStar PS3 finally dated

In time for Christmas parties.

Sony has overcome whatever issues were holding it up and stamped a 7th December release date on SingStar for PS3 in the UK, with European versions arriving on 12th December.

The date, announced over at Three Speech and subsequently confirmed by Sony, is accompanied by news of a SingStar Myspace site where you can marvel at pictures of mostly girls (and that stupid sunglasses man) pouting along to all your old favourites.

The new SingStar - originally envisaged as a launch title for PS3 - also introduces SingStore, a way of downloading back catalogue tracks to fill out your karaoke library, which has the potential to extend the game's life considerably.

A number of reviews of the game have already appeared in specialist magazines in the UK, although few if any were able to offer an overview of how well the store worked (since it didn't), so it will be interesting to observe how the new approach is received in the run up to next month's release.

Naturally we'll be taking a look at it around then, and in the meantime you can always check out our fairly recent preview, in which Ellie met producer Paulina Bozek and got her to jabber on about everything from the SingStore and wireless microphones to what she thinks of Rock Band.

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