SingStar ABBA unveiled for PS3, PS2

Sony taking a chance on Christmas.

Sony plans to make money, money, money this Christmas with SingStar ABBA on both PS2 and PS3.

We're not sure what, if any, the differences between the two versions will be, nor how many or which tracks will be included. The Swedish pop band are co-operating, though, and all the greatest hits are said to be present.

The announcement comes after box office success for Mamma Mia! the Hollywood adaptation of the titular West End musical. Supposed to be a good romp, we're told, not least because Colin Firth and Pierce Brosnan have trouble staying in tune.

ABBA rocketed to fame after "Waterloo" won the band the Eurovision Song Contest held in Brighton back in 1974.

The quartet has gone on to sell around 370 million recordings around the world, despite having two hairy men with dodgy beards and one slightly ugly lady.

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