SFIV dev's new game at Comic-Con

Isn't Capcom vs. SNK 3.

Yoshinori Ono, the producer of Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV, will reveal his new game at San Diego Comic-Con next week.

"I am going to be at Comic-Con in San Diego on Saturday 24th of July!" Ono revealed in a tweet.

He later said: "I finally hope to reveal a bit about what I've been relentlessly working on lately."

Ono set online tongues wagging when he revealed via Twitter that Capcom big cheese Keiji Inafune had green-lit his next game.

He tweeted: "Super SF4 on sale!! SuperSF4 is nothing compared to what's coming!!"

Fans have speculated that the game is a Darkstalkers reboot. However, one game Ono has denied he's working on is Capcom vs. SNK 3. "Personally, I hope for it. But I don't have time. Will anyone make it? :D RT @GhostpilotZ: @ Yoshi_OnoChin How about a Capcom vs SNK 3?" he said, once again, via Twitter.

We'll know more next week.

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