SEGA skirting Sonic Unleashed talk

Prickly issue. Compelling evidence.

SEGA has declined to comment on rumours there's a great big Sonic revival in the works.

Trademark spotters started the speculation off when they noticed a filing for "Sonic Unleashed" in early March.

This was followed by a leaked video and screenshots for the title, before website The Sonic Stadium claimed you would be able to play as a werewolf in it, and that Sonic Unleashed would introduce a fresh character to the series.

German site Sega Magazin then chimed in with an insider source stating the game will be available at least on Xbox 360 and Wii, has a "huge" production budget, is being worked on in Europe, the US and Japan, and will be unveiled at a SEGA Gamer's Day in May.

No confirmation then, but rather a lot of convincing evidence. Evidence we rather like, too. Hopefully this can display more than a passing resemblance to Sonic Adventure from the days of the Dreamcast.

Pop over to our unconfirmed could-be-fake-like-Santa-Claus Sonic Unleashed gallery for the first snaps.

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