SEGA mute on OutRun Online Arcade

"No comment" on OFLC classification.

SEGA has declined to comment on speculation that a brand new OutRun game is in development.

Rumblings began after the media age classification body for Australia, the OFLC, produced a rating for OutRun Online Arcade. This, the website claims, is a multiplatform collaboration between THQ and SEGA.

However, this may simply be a hangover from the days when THQ used to distribute for SEGA in Australia.

No further details on the game were offered, although the name as well as a "gaming experience may change online" warning point toward online races being at the heart of the project.

We hope this does turn out to be true, because, as we've said before, SEGA is a dab-hand at five-minute racing games - as proven by OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast, the most recent instalment in the series.

Head over to our OutRun 2006: Coast to Coast review to find out more.

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