Second Warhawk expansion dated

Plus new patch today.

Sony has told Eurogamer that the Operation Broken Mirror expansion for Warhawk will be released on 17th April.

This will cost GBP 3.99 and add a Personal Carrier and seven fresh maps, based around a Eucadian research facility covered in snow and cold things.

The maps will permit both large-scale and small-scale battles. Your new vehicle can ship around six passengers, who can fire out of side hatches. It has a speed boost, too, and a shield to absorb enemy fire. This is the future, remember.

Sony also told us it was applying the 1.3 patch today, which apparently adds a Bio-Field Emitter and a Mechanic Field Wrench as infantry weapons.

Both should replace the knife. The former fixes your things and breaks enemy things, while the latter creates a field of healing for your team, and a field of hurting for your enemies.

Let's hope the Operation Broken Mirror expansion is a little better than the Operation Omega Dawn add-on.

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