Savage Moon is tower defence title

Due out on PSN in November.

Sony has announced a new PSN game called Savage Moon from developer FluffyLogic.

It's a single-player title due out in November, apparently, in which players have to fend off "gigantic, ravenous space bugs" by building lunar defences.

It's "classic tower strategy gameplay" in outer space, in other words, with players positioning their defences to beat the bugs.

Doing this will convert "victory points" into new weapons, according to Sony's description as part of its massive PSN games fact sheet.

According to an update on the official PlayStation website, weapons include machine guns and a "Chaos Tower", and will be upgradeable.

And according to the screenshots we stole from there, it all looks a bit plasticky and Starship Troopers.

Savage Moon stirred up a bit of excitement pre-Leipzig when it was spotted on the German ratings board website, but no, it's not the game the BBC bloke keeps banging on about.

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