Samurai Showdown Sen here in spring

SNK's weapon-based fighter for 360.

Rising Star Games has plucked the European rights to Samurai Shodown Sen and plans to release the Xbox 360 fighting game over here in spring.

You'll be transported to historical Japan (1608 - 1868), where people stupidly fought with swords and not GLOCKS YO. [Bertie's breakdancing lessons have gone to his head I think - Ed.]

Familiar faces will include Takechiyo, Suzu, Haohmaru, Galford, Hanzo Hattori, Nakoruru and Ukyo Tachibana.

There are over 20 in total and their styles span sword-fighting, axe-wielding, spears and many more. Moves like Power Slash return, and they'll be complemented by Rage Explosion and Guard Shatter.

The Samurai Showdown series, made by SNK, began millions of years ago on the NeoGeo. Samurai Showdown Sen, will be eleventh game so far. We've got some pictures if you want a look.

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