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Saints Row Review.

I completed the main story arc of S.R. last weekend, and have been dilly-dallying with a myriad of side quests ever since. (depending on when you are reading, this of time and date course could be null and void)...anyway back to the game.

The main story consists of 36 varied albeit common place sand box style crime games missions. Before we get into that we get to customise our "hero/thug" great fun with this. I had a check through the videos on you tube, must have seen 50+ vid's of SR and no two protagonists looked the same.

Once you have you sorted that you get treated to a cut scene, which sets up the game perfectly as in lots of swearing and violence.

I will not break down all the missions as that is what a walk through is for, I will simply give my thoughts on why I enjoyed this game so very much.

The graphics do a great job of bringing Still Water to life, with lots of varied cars and buildings. The NPC's do a great job of adding to the atmosphere with throw-away comments and funny lines. Cut scenes all top notch, with great voice talent being used all round.

Now the all important bit....the playability, which is brilliant fun. I loved and love nearly everything about this game. I'm sure if you are interested enough to read this you will know of the famed glitching, yes it does suffer, but no where near enough to stop enjoyment. I have spent 40 hours playing time and so far the only problems I have had is a few roads vanishing while I'm on them. However one mission, where I had to trail a car and make sure the driver got back safely was a pain as the mission got stuck in a loop for five times, the car I was following kept getting stuck and I couldn't for fill the mission criteria. This did eventually right it's self and I completed and carried on. The final three missions were very hard (at least for me) and lots of swearing followed the countless fail screens. Up until this point I would rate the game fairy easy, but again not to the detriment of the fun to be had. The weapons on offer are all good and make the right sounds, you can buy new weapons from the get go, but only hold one of each at any one time. Explosions are very well done. You can also buy clothes, music and jewellery as well as having plastic surgery and tattoos, much like San Andreas.

The side missions are great. Insurance fraud, where you have to throw yourself in front of cars is brilliant and fun. Mayhem missions are much like GTA, just cause lots of havoc and....mayhem. You also get "hitmen" missions where you have to take down various targets with various specific weapons. There are Pimp,Snatch,Hostage, I could go on........

The sound-tracks are ok, not my cup of tea, but varied enough as are the talking radio stations with a good amount of humour, although not a patch on any of the 3D GTA's. I simply played my own music. Fun Lovin Crim's and P.E. suit the game perfectly.

I have yet to play on line as no one seems to be playing it. WHY! Real pain that, but I suppose they are busy with Halo and Gears.

I can recommend this game highly. With no sign of GTA for another six odd months this fils the void. It is enough of a great game on it's own without having to ride on the coat tails of any other similar game. I have played many of these games and rank it above the likes of Godfather,Scarface,GTA 3 and S.A.,True Crime 1 and 2 (wanted that to be good, such a let down) and even mafia.

I hope you enjoyed this brief overview.


9 / 10

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