Saints Row festive update

The Ho Ho Ho pack.

Volition has released a yuletide freebee for Saints Row which allows you to slip into a Santa Claus outfit to enhance your gang-banging rampages, before presumably Ho Ho Ho'ing all the way to the bank, or crack-den, or whore-house, or other naughty-thing-house-shop.

The full ensemble is up for grabs: coat, hat, boots and hair.

Unfortunately only virtual gangsters with Xbox Live Bling accounts will have access to this patch immediately, whilst inferior Silver hustlers will have to wait until after Christmas Day to get their greedy mitts on those famous red duds. Even more misery is in store for our German friends, who won't be able to dress-up at all.

"Sweet, as a Jew I'm going to love dressing up as Santa and destroying the crap out of Christmas." Said one delighted Crimelord in response to the news on Major Nelson's site, echoing the positive response to THQ and Volition's spirited display.

Perhaps other publishers will take a leaf out of this cheery Christmas tale, shaking Scrooge-like tendencies to make it an Xbox Live Christmas to remember. Or perhaps they'll just ignore us again until it's time to put a "2" on the end of something.

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