Rolando price cut, more levels soon

Sequel and free new levels on the way.

Rolando publisher ngmoco has cut the price of the iPhone stunnah to GBP 2.99 / USD 4.99, and said that not only is a sequel in development, but free levels for the original will be released soon too.

Rolando's already had its price cut once - from GBP 5.99 down to GBP 3.49 - so the latest snip isn't the biggest in the world, but the fact we gave Rolando 8/10 at the highest of those says something.

As you know unless you've been living under a rock (or Android, perhaps), Rolando is a side-scrolling puzzle game where you manipulate LocoRoco-style blobs with tilt controls in an effort to transport them and their larger, dimwitted royalty to a finishing gate past various obstacles and perils.

If you still need convincing, a demo version - Rolando Lite - came out earlier this month. Keep your eyes on ngmoco's Twitter for more updates.

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