Rockstar Table Tennis for Wii

Due out in the autumn.

Rockstar's Table Tennis game is heading to Nintendo Wii this autumn.

Developed by Rockstar Leeds (aye) in collaboration with Rockstar San Diego (yo), "Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis" will presumably use the Wiimote like a table tennis racket.

"Ever since we released Table Tennis, fans have been asking us to create a Wii version," Rockstar's Sam Houser said.

"By bringing Table Tennis to the Wii and utilising the motion-sensitive Wii Remote, a new audience can now experience a game that is beautifully designed and impossible to put down."

We rather liked it ourselves, having given it a big score on Xbox 360. That version included online multiplayer, too, so hopefully we'll see that again.

For more on Table Tennis, keep an eye on the official website.

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