Rock Band in-game shop launches

6 million DLC songs sold.

MTV has announced that more than 6 million Rock Band songs have been sold as downloadable content.

What's more, Harmonix is this week rolling out the Rock Band Music Store for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, which lets you go through the troublesome downloading rituals without leaving the game.

That's not all it does, either - you can sort downloadable songs by Artist, Song Title, Genre, Album, Pack "and more!"

Album art will be viewable, and most importantly you can listen to song previews and identify difficulty levels for each instrument on each song before you take the plunge.

The patch, which is due "this week" on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network (so, on the basis of the latter, we assume today), also adds "additional game features that address many of the popular requests by the gaming community".

MTV promises more content "every week through 2008" with "song packs, albums and individual tracks" expected, and more than 70 songs available for purchase as of now.

Er, if you're North American anyway. Europe is still waiting for the launch of Rock Band, and EA - exclusive worldwide distributor - was no more able to say when that will be today than on the other dozen occasions we've asked about it.

Other, that is, than saying "Q2". Expect a date announcement very soon, though.

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