Ridge Racer Reader Review

This game very much sticks to the Ridge Racer formula, which is great if you're a fan of the series, but if you're not then it's probably not going to interest you too much.

The game as always features a variety of tracks and cars. There are three cars in each class all of which have slightly different handling and look slightly different. The more of the game you complete the more cars you unlock and the fast you'll be able to get around the tracks.

Ridge Racers Tracks are well thought out. They give plenty of opportunity to drift around corners and boost down straights. Unfortunately there aren't enough original tracks in this game which is a shame. I don't mind reverse tracks but short and long tracks as well!

The only addition feature i've seen is the nitro meter they've added. the nitro meter can be filled by drifting, the nitro is a nice addition and it does give you a large speed boost.

The graphics on this game are incredible, the level of detail on the tracks and on the cars is really good. Ridge Racer has always had good music and this version doesn't disappoint. It has quite a few tracks to choose from, including new songs and old songs as well. The sound quality is good but generally standard for the PSP, I wasn't blown away by any of it by any means.

This is a good game that could have been better if they had not decided to recycle most of the tracks and if they had some bigger differences in the cars. All in all if your a Ridge Racer fan then buy this game but if you're not then this isn't going to change your mind about the series.

8 / 10

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