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Sometimes you have to look closely to see what right in front of you. This is certainly the case in many scenes for hidden objects encountered in the Mystery Case Files: Malgrave event. And it is also true for the game itself. When he plays on its strengths, charming and absorbing incident Malgrave hidden object scenes to make a nice escape and relaxation. Unfortunately, your game time is wandering the island, trying to determine what is that you must go and what it is, you should do under the. In these moments, a sense of frustration instead of joy to explore. There is a fascinating story behind the adventure and mystery here, but sometimes you need to look to find it.

With the start of the game, the mysterious inventor Winston Malgrave summoned you to his island. His message is that the substance exists only in the island may be all human diseases, because his wife Sarah is sick, he was desperate to rush more than material security. Malgrave arrive on the island once you find a prosperous society, apparently abandoned signs in recent decades. There is a poignant sense of the past in the entire island, a dilapidated theater, the production still cling to the old walls of faded posters, everywhere you go you will find that the city now find postcards depicting the beautiful peak of animation and the crumbling elegance . As the island looks like a place to live, time, and has taken charge, isolation and discovery and explore the island is only absorption. As you progress, you will find out the details of the island's history and past Malgrave, This is a fascinating ancient history, you will want to see him through the final revelation makes.

Winston Malgrave has not been welcome you personally upon arrival, he signed his grace "M." This item provides a device like the Wii Remote the metal that is engraved with the him you to communicate and to fine tune the rest of you sometimes, and his voice pipes up. He also has been hired to contain the dust to collect, which in turn is from the scene of the signature features of hidden objects Mystery Case Files series. As you explore the island, you will come out in spots stain the radiance is often dusty. When you click one of these spots, the location and displays a detailed picture of the need to find a list of objects in cluttered areas. These sections, like many of Malgrave incident is a stress-free. There is no time limit and need to find yourself unable to find an item or two on your list, you will need are hidden objects by clicking the magnifying glass in the lower right corner of the usual screen to highlight the area.

The Amoy image search beard, banana, letter "B" is exciting, because the environment is so, you find it interesting that almost all of the details, if you stumble or messy process of dressing actress said an old hermit, dies research. Your eyes everywhere in the ground, although some things to take in. Most of the objects are static, a little animation here and there brought the dust from the dust drift scenes of life in the sun beams, flash your mouse hidden in the shadows and objects floating here and there a pool deck. You can zoom the camera around and these scenes, and what you do, give them a sense of depth layers. This is not just to make more visually exciting scene, even if this effect. This also affected the game. Sometimes, an object, you need to be in the background and foreground elements obscured, and only by the panoramic camera has been found that you need. Refined image of the hidden object is not everyone's idea of ​​a good time, but those who love it will find that this type of incident Malgrave This game is very good.

But there are more to find hidden objects Malgrave Incident. This is a point and click adventure, this does not meet the same quality level. Hidden objects each time you complete a scene, your gadgets needs to collect some material Malgrave, and you receive an item to your inventory. These projects are often very important progress, new areas of the island, but it is not always clear, but you need to go and do what you need to advance. Although the hidden object scenes to provide a helping hand whenever you need one, there is no alert system in the time you push in the right direction. Therefore, you may find yourself going around in circles the island, or a clue in every way, you may have missed or place the items stacked in the collection using the site study. Charming island in the first place, wandering through them again and again until you hit the next step of your journey is annoying, and ultimately frustrating. From time to time, you also need to elaborate on your experience, you need to open the lock problem playing with stuff, and so on. Some of them are ordinary sliding puzzle, while others such as the one involved with the objects into a diorama of the puzzle, more interesting - a skull, a pile of logs, an apple, and many other items - you need to determine which objects belong to a whole , and in what order. Not all of these puzzles are fun to solve, but after a few minutes playing with them, they can be skipped, which is a kind of selection problem with a boring slide contention, it is suitable for stress-free structure of the hidden object scene.

Malgrave events there are three competitive four player multiplayer mode. Classic choice opponents challenge you to find more than the listed objects. SWIFT's choice of a single object is listed, players score points was found first. Tick ​​is basically a hot potato, a bomb ticking down, when it comes your way, you need to find a listing of the hidden object, it exploded before passing it to the next player. Like all the features of these models, but Malgrave the best time to calm the event the focus - not crazy competition. Additional players can also grab the remote control, and to help find hidden objects in the game's story mode, but even if you do not have the extra remote control, it's fun, but on the screen together and help each other verbally, to find the list of project. Malgrave event about 15 hours to complete, if you choose to solve every problem, $ 30, its price reasonable. This is an uneven journey, aimlessness and frustration during the offset of its better quality, which is a shame. However, it involves a satisfactory conclusion, and in the end, you'll be glad you took this mysterious and fascinating tour of the island.


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