Red Dead Redemption Reader Review

when i first heard about red dead redemption i wasnt really bothered. but when i started reading reviews and watching trailers of the game it looked and sounded awesome. i saved up some money and bought it a month after release.

story: you play as john marston, a former gang member who was shot in a robbery and his gang members left him for dead. now you are back to capture or kill the man who left you for dead, bill williamson.

characters: the characters that you come across during the game are very well designed and are very well voice acted. some of the characters are funny and you will really like the characters. you will come across a mad grave robber and a mad irish bloke.

gameplay: gameplay is like gta.there is a few bugs and glitches but not nothing ride horses instead of cars. doing missions for people.good cover system. its very good gameplay. the cutscenes are good.

controls: the controls are good. there like gta. tap A to run.X to jump.the controls are good. there not hard to get used to.

graphics: the graphics are very good. the characters are very detailed and well designed. the enviroments are beautiful. the horses look really good, when the horses run you can see there muscles.

activities: you can go and play poker, blackjack, liars dice and can battle people at duels. you can do stranger missions and random missions. you can go hunting. you can go capture bountys and get money for it. or you can just explore the massive world of red dead redemption

online multiplayer: the online multiplayer- you can play capture the bag. or you can round up a posse and go hunting or go and clear a gang hideout out.or just go in to free roam and explore the world and do your own thing.

conclusion: red dead redemption is an amazing game with lots to do and lots of replay value. go and pick this game up if you havnt already 9.5/10

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