Professor Layton and the Curious Village Reader Review

The lack of in-depth story based games on the Nintendo DS makes the arrival of such a game, just that little bit more special. Professor Layton & The Curious Village is one of those games that manages to both warm your heart, and immerge you in a world of addictive gameplay. But be warned! This is not a game that holds your hand and simplifies things to give you an easier time. The puzzles in this game are so challenging and cryptic, they require every ounce of brain power that you can muster up. That alone, is reason enough to love this game. This is one of the few games that I have played which requires you to stop, think and take your time, rather than just randomly tapping buttons while letting the game do the rest. Another rare thing to find in video games nowadays, is a genuinely enjoyable in-depth storyline. Without spoiling it, Curious Village's storyline is the most unique and enjoyable I have experienced in a long time. The storyline is so deep, mysterious and full of unexpected twists, you'll find it hard to put down even when you find yourself fainting every few minutes from malnutrition. The art style is absolutely gorgeous, as is the voice acting and animation in the fmvs.

Good Points:

The game never holds your hand through the puzzles, but instead offers you the choice of up to 3 hints at the cost of one coin each (coins are found throught the game but are limited, so be careful how you go about using them)

The puzzles are genuinely challenging and occasionaly cryptic which means you actually have to think.

The voice acting and animation in the fmvs are gorgeous.

The art style is awesome.

The characters are genuinely likable.

A genuinely very engaging and unique story

Bad Points:

If you're used to games that go easy on you and hold your hand all the way through, then this can be a bit overwhelming at times.

So all in all, I highly doubt this game will be leaving my DS any time soon.

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