FIFA 11 Reader Review

Well, FIFA 11's release was one of anticipation felt by many. Facebook was rife with chit chat about who was going to leather who and idle break times at work were spent talking about the acclaimed Creation Centre, custom chants, Personality Plus+ and so on.

Most people even slightly interested in sports that i knew rushed off on release day to get a head start on the gameplay and feel of the new EA Sports title.

At first the whole thing is amazing...for an hour or so. The gameplay in fairness is better - balls skip off, players clatter into each other when rushing in for a free ball, keepers actually have a brain for once, everything seems more fluid, players make good decisions depending on where you are on the pitch etc. etc.

This is good for the first hour like i say but when you delve deeper into the extra modes and enhancements, you start asking yourself, "Ok, so what exactly is different bar the odd tweak here and there and why have i shelled out 30-40 for this crap!!??"

Personality Plus+ doesn't work (or at least it does if you have no idea about football). Aaron Lennon could be running down the line towards Sol "big donkey" Campbell at 1000mph who manages to get up to speed, run 40 yards with Lennon and then put in the best slide tackle you've seen. In reality, Campbell would've died of a heart attack to try to keep up pace or Lennon would've been on the floor after Campbell stuck a leg in because he knew he was instantly beaten.

Be A Goalkeeper Mode is just awful. Don't bother. Just use it for when you're about to play a mate and one of you is in the nets in the arena whilst the game's setting up. It's about as interesting as Konnie Huq (or whoever she is) on X-Factor trying to live up to Hollie Willa...someone's limelight.

And as for the amazing other modes/extras such as Creation Centre, well, now i know how propaganda can influence someone's actions. I bought FIFA 11 thinking, "Yes, my own team, starting out working my way through the leagues with my own created players and kit and stadium" but when realising that i couldn't actually create anything unless i went online and finding out that the centres limited creations were even more limited than a prisoners day i was left thinking, "Damn, i hope i didn't throw the receipt in the bin with the bag??"

After speaking to many people online via social networking sites popular with us young 'uns, to friends and people who i only kind of know, they all feel the same. EA has let us all down this year. May be not in gameplay or graphics but in promises made that were never going to be fulfilled when you look into how they were promoted and how they actually turned out.


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