Comic Jumper Reader Review

There's a great preview of this game here:

Now, Splosion Man is one of my favourite games of all time, so I was really looking forward to this. As I'd gotten the amazing Splosion Man for only 400 points on an offer, I felt like I owed Twisted Pixel one, and the demo for Comic Jumper seemed ok, and I REALLY wanted the extra Splosion Man levels... The moment Lonny Watershed turned up I was laughing so much I instantly I went ahead and bought it. And.. well, itís really disappointing. The game mechanics are very basic and does not improve at all, in fact it just drags on the same for the whole game. Itís a really basic run&gun for the most parts, with a terrible power-up, checkpoint and health systems that means itís all ridiculously easy as well, and, just, well boring. Yet also despite how easy it is, it manages to be frustrating at the same time due to how you tend to get hit by things shooting you from just off screen giving you very little time to react, and the fact the hit detection feels a little bit off throughout the game, especially in the 'Panzer Dragoon'/Space Harrier style sections. It's clearly not really made to attempt to challenge the player in any way though, there was only 1 boss fight where I was ever forced to figure out any kind of attack pattern or anything.

The jokes continued throughout the game but honestly, the trial level is more fun & funny than the rest of the game, apart from right at the end where it gets more amusing again. A lot of the humour is hit & miss and relies on you getting all of the references as well (which I didnít Ė well, except the Splosion Man ones, which are marvellous but obvious).

Oh and one of the Achievements (the only hard thing to do in the game which might be interesting) is broken as well right now, so you canít even get it until they patch it.

Iím giving it a 2 stars review, and thatís only upped due to the humour and incredible art direction, the game mechanics themselves are only a 1 star title to me. Itís such a shame that Splosion Man is such a high point for both clever game and level mechanics AND humour and art design, yet this game only scores in the least important of those two areas. So yeah, one I just recommend you play the demo and then watch the ending on youtube or something.

Comic Jumper Puzzle-Challenge Review: * Comic Jumper Game Review: Not reviewed (there's high score charts, but they are a pretty dull way to compete, in fact, you can't even try until you've grinded to unlock every item, because your money multiplier counts into your score as well).


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