Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Reader Review

Once again DICE have crafted an enjoyable and very pretty first person shooter. The in-game engine is excellent and the draw distances are superb making for some superb vistas at times. The game has a fairly comprehensive building destruction mechanic going on but it rarely makes that much difference to the gameplay which makes me wonder a bit why they actually bothered with it.

The last game was plagued with quite a few difficulty spikes. I seem to remember several frustrating treks to get back into a battle after the vehicle I had been driving was destroyed. The checkpointing in this game is mercifully improved and rarely causes any inconvenience.

Vehicles on the whole are quite under utilised in this game, although there are a few exciting on-rails sections. I was disappointed not to be able to fly an attack helicopter gunship in this game though.

I was pleased they got rid of the need to get your drill out to repair vehicles. That was pretty rubbish in the first game.

The final level was such a rip off of the final level of COD MW. They must have been having a laugh with that.

The main thing it gets right however is the selection of guns and feel of the aiming. The enemies seem to go down with the right number of bullets and the combat in general feels quite satisfying.

I hear this game has quite a fun multiplayer component. I would probably enjoy it too, if I knew what the hell I was supposed to be doing, could be bothered to learn the maps and game modes and had a better internet connection that allowed me to compete on a level playing field.


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