Assassin's Creed Reader Review

There are several games out there that try to make us believe that the player is the coolest soldier, football player or driver in the world. However there are only a few that can actually live up to the expectations of many gamers.

I have to tell you the truth, this was the first game ever that I played on an Xbox 360 which gave me such a great experience that when I play the game all over again and again, I still have the feeling that I'm playing the best game ever.

Than after a few minutes I wake up and realise that the game however a breakthrough in terms of controllability, visuals and story it still does have some issues. I mean it really is annoying when by simply blending you can avoid getting noticed by a nearby soldier or when you want to get all the achievements in the game, you have to discover the whole 'world' and collect some miserable flags - which is fun at first by the way, but not a good objective - that have no connection to the story or the gameplay whatsoever.

The side missions get repetative after a couple of hours and you can easily finish the game for the second time in about 3 hours. If you do not have any incentives to play the game again or the incentives that you've got are only to get the achievements then you really just feel like trading the game in or just leave it on the shelf to gather dust.

Now don't be misguided though. Other than these annoying little facts that might not be as annoying to you as they are to me, the game is great. The main missions and the storyline is very nice and the ending just leaves you wanting more and it might make you re-play the game again. The visuals are stunning and absolutely fascinating. When you are in Damascus for instance and standing on the top of a building or right next to a sunlit wall, I always feel like touching the screen to feel the surface of the wall.

The fightning system is good as well and the great feeling of killing enemies by throwing some knives is slightly more than bad@ss. After you've learned the counter moves it can get repetitive though but still it can lift your awesomeness meter when you do a body count after a fight and realise that you successfully despatched 18 soldiers. Well, at least that was my record.

The free running system is just something that makes the game even better. It is unimaginably easy to use and works just fine. If you feel like fleeing rather than leaving a pile of bodies behind, I certainly guarantee, you will have a different experience but similar amount of fun. The interaction with the crowd is amazing too. Probably a lot of people have played GTA IV. When you pass by some people, Niko just gives them a lovely push but here... You have the choice if you want to push them away or not. Therefore the responses to your actions are great too. People respond to your presence if you wish to be visible but if not, it's like you're just a normal guy, just like them.

So to summarise the reasons why to buy the game, I would say: You have never played anything like this before and it is a must buy for gamers who like games with high quality and value for money.


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