Resistance sequel a sure thing

Eight player co-op and 60 online.

The inevitable sequel to Resistance: Fall of Man has finally been unveiled.

It's the cover story on the February issue of US magazine Game Informer. The game will feature boasts co-operative play for up to eight players, plus enormous 60-player battles over PSN.

On top of this are two full campaigns (one may be a co-operative endeavour) set in what could be New York, if the Brooklyn Bridge-alike on the cover is anything to go by. We'll call it Earth for now.

There is no clarification as to whether Manchester Cathedral will return for a cameo.

Resistance was developed by Ratchet & Clank brainbox Insomniac Games and launched alongside the PS3 in the US and Europe.

Unfortunately it failed to command top-end scores; the game was chastised for its generic environments and enemies and a disappointing range of weaponry from a usually abundant creative talent. "Just a bit limp," reckons Tom.

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