Resistance 2 is Sony's answer to Gears 2

So says VP of product marketing.

Sony expects Resistance 2 to go "toe-to-toe against Gears of War 2" in the battle for your money this Christmas, according to US VP of product marketing Scott Steinberg.

I think one of the biggest games for us will be Resistance 2. We expect that, in November, to go toe-to-toe against Gears of War 2," Steinberg told during GDC.

"It will be our third-generation PS3 product. Insomniac, having shipped Resistance 1, quietly sold a million units. And then Ratchet & Clank last fall. This is the third on their technology shipping in November."

Steinberg also explained Sony's low GDC profile. "It just felt stronger coming from so many different high-calibre partners as opposed to self-congratulatory announcements from ourselves that the war is over and the standards battle is complete, and we have a standard and it is us," he said, referring to the recent HD-DVD discontinuation.

"It just felt like a keynote would be a little bit over the top," he added.

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