Resi 6 will reboot series, says Takeuchi

Plus: Resi 5 demo downloaded 4m times.

With weeks still to go until the release of Resident Evil 5, producer Jun Takeuchi has already been talking about the sixth instalment in the series.

Specifically he's been talking to 1UP which reports that, "Resident Evil 5 is practically guaranteed to be the last of its kind, with... Takeuchi assuring us that a reboot is in order for the inevitable Resident Evil 6."

But what could that mean? A brand new control system? Bunnies instead of zombies? No racism? Takeuchi didn't say, unfortunately, and we'll have to wait months, at the very least, to find out.

Still, there's always Resident Evil 5, down for a 13th March release on PS3 and Xbox 360. The playable demo has already proved popular, with Takeuchi telling MTV it's been downloaded 4 million times.

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