Resi 5 producer hints at Wii Resi

"Watch this space," says Kawata-san.

With work now wrapped up on the PS3 and 360 instalment, Resident Evil 5 producer Masachika Kawata has told us he wants to make a brand new Resi game for Wii.

Thanks to the magic of translation, Kawata-san hinted to Eurogamer TV that Nintendo fans shouldn't despair that their console isn't powerful enough to handle the high-def horror of number five.

"Personally I would like to create something on Wii in the Resident Evil family," he revealed. "At the moment we don't know and have just been working on RE5, so watch this space."

So far, Wii has received a port of last-gen masterpiece Resident Evil 4, plus The Umbrella Chronicles, an on-rails shooter. A brand new, proper Resi game for Wii would be a massive boost for the console. And might even help Ellie forget about Golden Balls.

You can check out the full interview with Kawata-san over on Eurogamer TV.

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