Rainbow Six Vegas 2 thermal vision trailer

"Kill a visually impaired opponent."

Today we want to tell you about thermal vision. Note, this is not to be confused with thermal scanning that we told you about yesterday. Or to be confused with thermal underpants. We see thermal vision rather a lot in war games, where your enemies show up as heat signals so you can see them in low visibility areas. Watch our skilled Rainbow Six Vegas 2 killer demonstrate this in an exclusive Thermal Vision Trailer on Eurogamer TV.

Of course, there's more to it than running around like Predator all day long. "There are two key ways to use thermal vision goggles," product manager Carl Caldareri instructs us. "In conjunction with a smoke grenade attack on enemies, or as a defence tool against enemy smoke screens."


Saturday night special.

"You can shoot at fire extinguishers found in the environment to create smoke diversions. Your enemies will not be able to see anything through the cloud of smoke, so using thermal vision will give you the tactical advantage," we're promised.

Not all your enemies will be ill-prepared sitting ducks for your fancy eye-wear tactics. Some will try and use the same tactics on you. The cheek of it. Your thermal vision will also come in handy at night as a stand-in for night vision goggles.

Our favourite part about all of this, though, is that you get a special "Kill a visually impaired opponent +1" pat on the back for killing people using these tactics. Pop over to our exclusive looks at thermal scanning, silencers and night vision goggles for more information.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 will be out PS3 and 360 from 20th March, and on PC a little later on 17th April. Expect our tactical evaluation of it sometime next week.

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