Quake Wars pre-order scheme

Reserve your username.

Activision UK has announced details of the Enemy Territory: Quake Wars PC pre-order scheme.

These are them: if you pre-order from GAME on the high street, you'll get a "physical ETQW carry out pack" immediately, including two collectable cards, an exclusive poster and a token allowing immediate reservation of your preferred username. Bagsy "Wimplejump".

These are some more of them: you could also pre-order it off that infamous Internet, where our old pals and GAME will both be handing over a code allowing for the reservation of a username. Actually, make ours "Nunchucker".

Picking up the Limited Edition Collector's Pack will also get you the remaining ten collectable cards along with a bonus DVD containing game-related videos, concept art and ringtones. They'll have to work hard to replace our Poddington Peas one.

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is down for release in the next few months, although retailers are currently quibbling over exactly when. To kill some time, why not read our Enemy Territory: Quake Wars interview with Splash Damage's Paul Wedgwood?

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