Quake Wars in fiscal 2008

Financial report strikes back.

Those of you dribbling at the chops in anticipation of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars may have to wait a little longer, as Activision's financial report reveals the release date has moved into fiscal year 2008.

A spokesperson for the publisher told Eurogamer we could expect it before Christmas, but other than that "it's an id Software title so it's done when it's done."

The game has previously, "unofficially", slipped from autumn 2006 into early 2007.

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is an online shooter for PC, developed by Splash Damage in conjunction with id Software.

You'll choose to be either Human or Strogg, before battling against each other in large team and objective-based mulitplayer modes. Use a vast array of weapons, vehicles and deployable armaments to best your foes, gaining ranks to improve the unique skills of your character class. GO ON.

It's being described as a faster-paced Battlefield experience, and you can see what we thought when we had a gander at last year's E3.

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