Quake Wars in Europe first

PS3/360 builds later.

Last night's QuakeCon press conference brought us the news that Enemy Territory: Quake Wars will launch in North America on 2nd October - but now we know we're getting it here a few days prior to that.

That's thanks to the ever-helpful Enemy Territory community blog, which reveals the European date to be 28th September - the Friday beforehand.

As blogger badman puts it: "Mark your calendars, gentleman!"

Speaking to Eurogamer earlier, Splash Damage's Paul Wedgwood also clarified the situation regarding the PS3 and 360 builds of the game. They won't launch at the same time, he said, but certainly in the 360's case the product is identical, but for the expected interface changes. He called it a "non-simultaneous simultaneous" release, which is a nice soundbite, and we honour nice soundbites around here.

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