Puzzle Arcade for XBLA tomorrow

Jigsaws with camera support.

Eidos will be offering jigsaw game Puzzle Arcade on Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow, because the two are a perfect fit. Boom boom.

For 800 Microsoft Points (GBP 6.80 / EUR 9.60) you can piece together 35 picture puzzles on three difficulty settings in Classic or Turbo mode. Turbo is a faster-paced, casual option, by the way.

There's fractal puzzles in there, where completing one part of a picture contributes to an enormous whole.

There's downloadable picture packs and challenges, plus you can even use the Live Vision camera to take a picture of your horrible face, jumble it up and put it back together again.

Local and online head-to-head and co-op are also stuffed in, and we've made-up a nice Puzzle Arcade gallery for everybody to look at.

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