Psychonauts to return?

Double Fine starts rumours.

Tim Schafer and his talented Double Fine Productions have popped a fresh listing on their website for a new Psychonauts game.

It simply shows a blacked-out placard featuring the little goggle-headed main character Raz and the words "Coming Soon" stamped on top. Well spotted, Kotaku.

Psychonauts has previously appeared on Xbox, PS2 and PC, but missed a GameCube release because publisher Majesco chose not to support it. Schafer also notes in the website FAQ that he would loved to have made a game for a Nintendo platform, and hopes he can work with the Wii at some point in the future.

Couple strong hardware sales of Nintendo's new console with Schafer's enthusiasm and it seems logical enough to assume a Wii port is what we are looking at here - especially given that Double Fine surely has its hands more than full creating the freshly unveiled Brtal Legend.

However, nothing is confirmed. It could be a sequel. It could be an expansion (well, we doubt it). It could even be a website error. Who knows? Double Fine, hopefully, although they, along with Nintendo, THQ, Majesco and anybody else we could think to connect with them, are yet to comment.

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