PSP Slim tops 1m in Japan

Image-conscious world.

Sony has shipped over one million units of the new model PlayStation Portable in Japan, the platform holder announced today.

A close read of the release (i.e. closer than the one we initially gave it) also reveals that the number does not include the 77,777 units of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII-specific PSPs already sold. Even better.

Even without them, the increasingly tiny handheld's Slim & Lite revision reached the 1 million milestone two weeks quicker than the console nobody's calling the PSP Chunky.

Exciting stuff, eh? The Slim & Lite is already on sale in the US and Europe, retailing for GBP 129.99 in this silly country where it's available in black and white colours.

Despite a reduction in size, the Slim & Lite features reworked innards that allow it to achieve comparable battery life to the original model.

It can also be used to output certain elements like UMD films to big-screen TV using an external AV cable, has a manual rather than spring-loaded disc tray and has completed half a first-aid course including plasters.

You can read more about how and whether it works in our PSP Slim & Lite Hardware Test. We like capital letters.

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