PSP Comic Store aims for 500 at launch

Sony lists publisher support, saves trees.

Sony has promised a selection of more than 500 comics when its PSP Comic Store arrives in mid-December.

Comic publishers pledging support so far are Marvel (Astonishing X-Men, Captain America, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, The Amazing Spider-Man), 2000AD (Judge Dredd, Durham Red), Disney (Mickey Mouse, Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck) and IDW (Astro Boy, Transformers, Star Trek, Wormwood).

Less well-known outfits Insomnia (Burke & Hare, Cages, Cancer Town), iVerse (responsible for Ape Entertainment, Archie Comics, Dabel Brothers, Image & Red 5 content) and Titan (Wallace & Gromit) are also on-board.

The Digital Reader - the application you'll need to read with - is already available, and Sony suggests downloading the latest PSP firmware and installing this to be prepared. The program will flick through pages and zoom and pan with ease, the European PlayStation blog tells us.

Sony is offering a bunch of codes on the blog to download some sample comics with.

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