PS3 has sold 38.1m units worldwide

But PSP sales slip year on year.

Sony's latest financial results reveal that worldwide sales of PlayStation 3 now stand at 38.1 million units, following 2.4 million sales of the console in the company's first quarter, which ended 30th June 2010.

Microsoft announced a few days ago that Xbox 360 has shipped 41.7 million units worldwide, although it has had a year longer on the market than its main competitor.

2.4 million sales of PS3 in Q1 represents a 118 per cent increase on last year's 1.1 million sales, although things weren't so rosy for the PSP, sales of which declined slightly to 1.2 million compared to 1.3 million in the same period of 2009.

The mighty PS2, meanwhile, sold a sterling 1.6 million units.

Money-wise, the Networked Products & Services division, of which games is a component, saw sales rise 32.4 per cent to 325 billion yen, of which games contributed 142 billion yen and PCs the rest.

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