PS3 Ape Escape this year

Monkey-capturing madness.

A PlayStation 3 Ape Escape game will be released sometime between now and Christmas.

This non-committal marker was provided by the game's official Twitter account, ApeClub. "Ape Escape PS3 - release date now Q2 - Q4 2010," read the tweet (thanks VG247).

Ape Escape is a platform game about netting monkeys, literally. A spiky-haired J-hero bolts around dazzlingly bright and colourful levels capturing monkeys for an unknown reason - presumably to be made into monkey-brain soup.

The series started on PSone just over 10 years ago but sadly never climbed above average. Our latest appraisal was of PS2 game Ape Escape 3 in 2006. Tom Bramwell was the judge.

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