Needlemouse cast reveal this week

Details on next-gen 2D Sonic imminent.

SEGA plans to reveal a full list of playable characters in next-generation 2D Sonic title Project Needlemouse this week.

The reveal is gradually going on over at the US SEGA blog, where fans have to answer quiz questions in order to reduce the list of possibilities until we hit on the final cast.

The initial post has already drawn the required number of correct answers for day one (perhaps because people can see what everyone else's answers are in the comments), and the next few days take in Facebook, the official Sonic forum and Twitter. Good times.

Project Needlemouse is a codename for SEGA's attempts to revamp Sonic in 2D on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Not much is known about the game, announced last year, but it has already attracted interest on the basis that it's not another 3D Sonic game, which reflects how far the hedgehog's star has fallen in the years since Sonic Team discovered the third dimension.

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