Prince of Persia Prodigy rumoured

Suspiciously official website found.

Internet watchers have found what could be the official site for the next Prince of Persia game.

It shows some swirling liquid behind an Arabic word translated to mean "Minjar" or telescope, according those on the Ubisoft forum.

There is no mention of the game being called Prince of Persia Prodigy, although those first on the scene reported that redirected you to this mysterious site. It doesn't any more.

However, Ubisoft community voice "UbiRazz" didn't deny the site being a destination for Prodigy, and simply said "give it time" in the thread spouting all sorts of speculation and guesswork at what was headed our way.

The source code for the site also pulls up some interesting words, such as Ben Mattes (producer of Two Thrones and Rival Swords on Wii) and Ubisoft Montreal.

It also mentions UbiDays, which could suggest that the publisher plans to unveil the game at the upcoming event taking place in Paris in late May.

The Arabic symbol also appeared at the back of the most recent Edge magazine as a preview of the upcoming issue.

Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner began rumours recently after he trademarked the name Prince of Persia Prodigy.

Ubisoft has been contacted for comment.

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