Portal Reader Review

Good points:

Nice graphics. Advanced and challenge maps included. Superb voice acting. Great humor. Achievements (if you like that sort of thing). Innovative gameplay style. Awesome credits song.

Bad points:

Too short. The first 17 levels are quite easy.

Portal is one of the most innovative and entertaining puzzle games i've played in a quite a while. The object of the game in simple terms is to use the portals that your portal gun shots to manipulate the world around you and thus solve the puzzles on the level. The puzzles of course get harder and more complex as you get further into the game. Level by level the obstacles and puzzles change, this forces you to use the portals in new ways.

Portals graphics are lean, clean, sharp and there's no unneeded fluff like a lot of games. Even without the unneeded fluff the environments look the part.

There aren't a great deal of sound effects in the game but that's to be expected because of the games format. The sound effects that are there are of the quality i've come to expect from modern games. The lady that does the voice acting for GLaDOS really does the part justice, she fits in well with the game and is absolutely superb.

The game does feel short but the developers have added some advanced and challenge maps to keep you going back for more as well as some game achievements. So there is at least some re-playability in the game.

Overall Portal is a great if not short puzzle game with some innovative gameplay and superb humor. It's a must have game for anyone even if you're not a fan of first person games or puzzle games.

Here's looking forward to the next Portal!

9 / 10


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