Pokemon Diamond Reader Review

Poke a what?

Pokemon. Global phenomenon since 1995 to everyone it seems, except me.

The Purchase

It was a particularly rainy Friday, a stark contrast from my arrival from Greece the day before, that i made my way to my local supermarket in search of a new game for my DS. My friend had recommended New Super Mario Brothers, which i had every intention of getting.

10.20am was the time that i arrived in the supermarket, and made my way to the games department. In a half daze, half Super Mario frame of mind, i wandered over to the shelf, saw that Mario was number 1, and grabbed the case, went to the till paid, and after picking up some lunch, made my way home to have a quick blast before football in the afternoon.

The Horror

It was only when i got home that i realized my mistake. I did not even look at the case, just assumed that it would be Mario, as it was in the Mario slot. But it was not. It was Pokemon Diamond.

Not entirely shaw what exactly Pokemon was, i phone my "games" friend, who duly filled me in all the details of what exactly Pokemon was. I'm going to be honest, didn't really sound that interesting to me, but with my pizza in the oven, and no energy to walk back to the shop, i gave it a blast.

The Beginning

I named myself "Ronald" for a laugh (sorry all the Ron's), and i got cracking. Started off pretty mundane, my mum was at home, lazy woman, and i was told to go and find my best mate, who i named "Moley". And so, my adventure began. For some reason we were of the lake, probably for a nice sit down and a spot of lunch, but oh no! THIS, is where my addiction began.........

The Lake

Once we got to the lake, we saw some prof and his trainee, they left, and we found a brief case, Turns out it contains Pokemon. I chose the fire monkey because the other two looked a little "fruity". Called him Yonkey because i can. Anyway, enough of my story i think.......

The Game

Extremely addictive. It was only when i had been playing for an hour, that i realized that my pizza was still in the oven! Lunch ruined, i pressed on. Pokemon, it turns out, is a very good game. The graphics are nice, the fights are excellent, and for some reason you just seemed to be pulled into the world, and cant stop fighting and catching Pokemon. The story line is not the best, beat a few trainers, collect badges, but this was like a secondary part of the game to me, I had discovered a great, fun, addictive, colorful world of small monsters that i capture for the wild and make fight, all LEGALLY!


Graphics : Cute, colorful and vibrant Sound : bit poor, but it is the DS and it does the job Game play : Excellent, addictive and fun Value : 22.99 was the price at "supermarket", and for the length of game time, an absolute bargin

All in all.....

9 / 10

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